About Us

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Who we are?

My Way Community Alliance is a socially responsible community organisation whose vision and mission is to support meaningful, valuable, and contributing roles and responsibilities in the community.

My Way is a not-for-profit organisation which upholds, promotes, and supports the rights and responsibilities of the persons with disability, families and carers.

My Way recognises and treats people with disability, families or carers with deep respect, dignity, and as equal citizens.

My Way recognises, respects, and supports culturally and spiritually diverse needs of people with disability, families, and carers.

My Way Community Alliance provides individualised, flexible, and creative support services to people with disability, and families, or carers to enjoy good and meaningful life in the community of their choice.

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Our Vision:

Live in a society where all people have meaningful, valuable, and contributing life. 

Our Mission:

My Way mission is to help the world and make the community a better place for everyone. We aim to:

  • Build and strengthen community connections, participations, and partnerships
  • Identify opportunities for people with disability and their families
  • Create resilient, cohesive, diverse, and inclusive communities
  • Support, promote and respect human rights and good quality life

Our Values:

  • Choice & Control
  • Relationships
  • Integrity
  • Opportunity
  • Inclusion & Diversity

What we do?

My Way support team will assist you in the following areas:

  • NDIS daily and community supports
  • Recovery coach & Support Coordination
  • Plan Management
  • Therapy support Services
  • Housing – SIL, SDA & ILO
  • Aged Care Services 
  • Community registered nurses (RNs)
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How we do?

My Way support team work alongside individual and their families to co-create, co-design and co-produce support plans based on person needs, goals, preferences, aspirations, and dreams. 

My Way support philosophy put person-centred and roles-based planning at the centre of support delivery. The person-centre planning builds on individual talents, strengths, interests, and potential, and it is about what is important to and for the person with disability.

The planning process occurs in a supportive environment to the person with disability and their family and carers. My Way support services promote strength-based and holistic approach which offers hope; choice and control; opportunities and participations to the person with disability, family, and carers.

 My Way support team valued and recognised a person with disability, family, and carers as firsthand experts of the supports. The individual and family expertise in determining their needs and hopes, and flexibility to self-direct the support plans is recognised and supported.

Why we do what we do?

My Way mission is to ensure that people with disability have valued roles, respected human rights, and live free, safe, and quality life at home in the community.

My Way support team assist people with disability to attend the following outcomes: