Who we are?

MyWay Community Alliance is a friendly, welcoming and socially responsible community organisation whose vision and mission is to support meaningful, valued and contributing roles for all West Australians.

MyWay Community Alliance is a community based organisation which upholds, promotes, and supports the rights and responsibilities of the persons with disability, families and carers.

MyWay Community Alliance recognises and treats people with disability, families or carers with deep respect, dignity, and as equal West Australians.

MyWay Community Alliance recognises, respects and supports culturally and spiritually diverse needs of people with disability, families and carers.

MyWay Community Alliance provides personalised, flexible and creative support services to people with disability, and families, or carers to enjoy good and meaningful life in the community of their choice.

What we do?

MyWay support team will assist you in the following areas:

  • Personal and in-home supports.
  • Community access and participation
  • Mentoring and coaching supports to achieve your personal independence
  • Culturally and linguistically appropriate supports to you and your family or carers
  • Development and maintenance personal relationships with family, friends and local community members, or groups
  • Support coordination to build your confidence and capability with occupational, physiotherapy and Speech therapists, or dieticians and psychologists
  • Host family, in-home or day respite supports as you need.

MyWay Community Alliance supports and links people with disability or psychosocial needs into wide range of activities and events in all Perth Metro areas:

Our Vision

My Community Alliance is looking to mak disability support services and NDIS support available in Perth to everyone. Discover our Vision and contact My Way Community Alliance to see the My Way Difference.

Our Mission

Our Mission for My Way Community Alliance is to provide Perth’s best and most professional NDIS and disability support services. For help with the NDIS discover My Way Community alliance Today.

Our History

As one of Perth’s most supportive, professional and community orientated NDIS Service provider and assistance, as well as providing support services, for the disabled, elderly, youth, mentally ill, community and many other support services. Our history has always been to support the community and the people who may be at their most vulnerable. Our Values are Integrity, Professionalism and Compassion, as My Community Alliance look to provide the best NDIS Support and disability services in Perth, WA. Discover the My Way Community Alliance difference and talk to one of our Board members, who are looking to make your life better. At May Way Community Alliance Inc you can trust that our team of professionals will make your life easier and give back to the community so they can thrive more and more each day.