Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

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Psychosocial recovery coaching is an important part of your mental health journey. Psychosocial recovery coaches have professional experience in mental health, and often have lived experience that helps them to understand the needs of people with psychosocial disabilities.

What is Psychosocial Recovery Coaching?

Psychosocial recovery coaching is a NDIS funded support that supports people with psychosocial disabilities to live a full and contributing life.

Psychosocial recovery coaches can help you to:

  • Create a recovery plan to help you be more independent and reach your goals
  • Help you use your NDIS plan flexibly to meet your needs
  • Provide guidance and coaching to increase your motivation and resilience, and build on your strengths and skills
  • Connect with informal and mainstream supports

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching at My Way

My Way has a team of experience, mental health professionals that are ready to support you on your recovery journey- give us a call today to see how My Way can help you to reach your NDIS goals!