Social & Community Participation​

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Being part of your local community is important in developing connections, building social skills, and feeling a sense of belonging.

My Way can support you to access the community and participate in different activities of your choosing, whether it be your favourite hobby, fitness class, or local community group. We can also help you to explore new activities that will keep you social, connected, and help to build your skills.

What is Social & Community Participation?

Social and community participation plays a big role in our lives, and is essential for mental, physical, and social health and wellbeing. Forming connections with people in our community who have similar interests and ambitions helps to keep us motivated and feel like we are part of something bigger.

Whether it be art classes at your local library, community day programs and activities, or those swimming classes you always wanted to try- participating in social and community activities like these can be fun, help to develop your skills, and contribute to a having a fun and fulfilling life.

Social & Community Participation at My Way

My Way have a team of support staff ready to help you access your local community and participate in activities of your choosing. We can help you to explore what things may interest you, and how you can join in these activities, meet new people, and enjoy the things that bring you happiness!

Get in contact with the My Way team today, to discuss how we can support you to access your local community and participate in your social and recreational activities.