Daily Living Support

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There are lots of activities we do in our everyday life that help to give us confidence, motivation, and to ultimately live the way we choose. These can be activities around the home or out in the community, like cooking, cleaning, personal care, exercising, going to appointments, and going to the shops. My Way team assist you to look after your home, pay your bills and rent, and maintain you home.

My Way offers support for you to engage in these everyday activities as independently as possible, so you can develop your skills and build your capacity for the future.

What is Daily Living Support?

Daily Living Supports are included in the Core budget of your NDIS plan. These supports help you to do things in your everyday life and can be used flexibly to meet your individual support needs.

For example, some people have goals in their NDIS plan around being more independent in their daily activities, so Daily Living Supports can help them with tasks like getting dressed, preparing, and cooking meals, and keeping their house and garden clean, tidy and safe.

Daily Living Support at My Way

My Way have dedicated and friendly support staff who can assist you with your daily living activities at home.

Depending on your goals and the way you want to live your life, My Way can support you to do things like:

  • Personal care and hygiene, like showering, brushing your teeth and getting dressed
  • Shopping and planning, preparing, and cooking healthy meals
  • Weekly or monthly budgeting to empower you to manage your own finances
  • Household duties, such as cleaning, washing, ironing, and gardening
  • Assistance to attend your appointments and other commitments
  • High intensity daily personal activities:
    • Complex bowel care and urinary catheter management
    • Enteral feeding, Tracheostomy management and ventilator management
    • Subcutaneous injections and complex wound management
    • Severe Dysphagia management
    • Complex needs and challenging behaviours participants
    • Support mobility aids and hoist transfers  


If you’re interested in receiving support for your daily activities at home or in the community, please contact the team at My Way to see how we can help you to reach your NDIS goals.