Occupational Therapy

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Three Ways Occupational Therapy Can Assist

There are three main ways that we help people of all ages to achieve their goals. 

1. Adaptive Equipment for Everyday Tasks

We trial adaptive equipment to help people engage in everyday tasks.

2. Adjustments to the Environment

We trial adaptive equipment to help people engage in everyday tasks.

3. Adjustments to How Things Can Be Done

Sometimes the task itself can be changed to achieve it differently.

Occupational Therapy for Ages Up To 65

The My Way Occupational Therapy department works with people of all ages. From early childhood, school-age children, teenagers, and adults up to 65 years.

Assisting Clients With A Range of Challenges

We work with people who are experiencing a range of different challenges. They might have a physical disability, a mental health challenge and even a psychosocial issue.

The Initial Occupational Therapy Assessment

Here at My Way, we start by having an initial assessment with a client, where we meet them for a big chat to get to know them. We find out about their strengths and challenges. 

Collaborative Goal Setting 

From this, we move on to some collaborative goal-setting. The My Way occupational therapy approach is very person-centred. We work closely with the client and their family. For example, if it’s a paediatric case, we want to know what is essential to the parents or caregivers.

This process helps us discover what is important and meaningful in the client’s life. We aim to discover achievable and relatable goals for them in therapy.

Follow-Up Sessions 

How long a session lasts varies according to the age of the client. They often last 45 minutes to an hour. Initially, they might be a bit longer so that we can engage with the client. Every session changes depending on the person and their goals. For a child, that might look like working on handwriting skills, or it might look like creating a  safe sensory corner for them if they’re having difficulties with their sensory modulation. In the case of an adult, perhaps somebody who’s had a stroke, that might look like working with some adaptive equipment to get them back to their routine daily activities.

Communication Across Cultures

My Way is unique because we recruit people from various cultural backgrounds. Our clients also come from many different cultural backgrounds. We also work with interpreters, which allows us to deliver quality Occupational Therapy services to people regardless of their language. 

Regular Progress Reports

We regularly review progress to ensure that the client and their caregivers feel that meaningful progress is being made toward their goals.

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