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My name is Allison. I studied Physiotherapy for four years at La Trobe University. After university, I specialised in women’s health, pelvic floor and incontinence. I’m currently enrolled in a Master’s programme in Perth. My role here is Allied Health Manager, and I’m also a Physiotherapist. Here at My Way, we see clients with physical disabilities, psychosocial disabilities, and intellectual and cognitive disabilities. We aim to help participants achieve their personal goals.

Initial Assessment

Generally, a session will last for 60 to 90 minutes, depending on the type of session. An initial assessment can last for 60 to 90 minutes based on what the client can manage.

Treatment Sessions

Going forward after our initial assessment, generally, sessions will last for around 60 minutes.

Treatment Plan

A treatment plan is put in place.  That treatment plan is based on the participant’s goals. We would set up our intervention and treatment around attaining those goals. We always try to adopt a person-centred approach when working with our clients. That means the participant has the choice and control over what they want to achieve and their work with us.

Person-centred care is all about choice, so we want to empower the participant to make informed decisions concerning their care. We also want to consider their feedback, and we want to align our services with that feedback.


Communication is usually in person with our client. We also like to communicate with the families when designing a treatment programme. That treatment programme can often address the goals of both the participant and their family. Not necessarily their NDIS goals but their personal therapy goals. The intervention that we will apply will focus on attaining those goals and the timeframe that they might expect those goals to be achieved. We also take into account the NDIS start and the NDIS end date, and the budget as well as the hours we have allocated to our service. We like to communicate all of that with the participant and their family so they’re fully on the same page as us.

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