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NDIS Community Supports

Frances Chen - NDIS Service Coordinator

Frances Chen - NDIS Service Coordination Manager

Other Languages Spoken: Mandarin, Cantonese

Frances is deeply passionate about creating a society where everyone can live positively, confidently, and happily in their day-to-day life.

As a Service Coordinator, she gets to bring her passion to work and make sure participants get the best level of care. Frances is an active listener and strives to gain a deep understanding of participants' needs and goals. Together, Frances and her team develop a personalised service plan that ensures participants get the support they need, when they need it.

Previously, Frances had worked in various customer-facing service roles to provide tailored services for both internal and external stakeholders. In addition, she worked as an account assistant after attaining a Bachelor of Accounting from Curtin University.

Regina Nshuti

Regina Nshuti - NDIS Housing Team Leader

Other Languages Spoken: Kiswahili

Regina is an experienced NDIS Service Coordinator at My Way. She has a wide range of knowledge and holds a Bachelor of Criminology majoring in Criminal Behaviour and Legal Studies. She is also working towards a Post Graduate Certificate in Mental Health so that she can provide the best care to participants and their families.

Having begun working in the disability sector as a support worker, she is passionate about ensuring supports provided are of the utmost quality.

Regina is also passionate about community service and enjoys assisting people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to better navigate support services and embrace Australian society while maintaining their connection to their culture and identity.

John Ceu

John Ceu - NDIS Service Coordinator

Other Languages Spoken: Burmese, Hakka Chin, Hindi

John has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Political Science, and he has worked for a community settlement service. He has also worked as Inventory Coordinator and Team Leader (BGC Windows), and as an Interpreter (National Accreditation for Translators and Interpreters).

As a community settlement officer, John assisted vulnerable people from a variety of backgrounds for over ten years and he brings this valuable experience to My Way.

As an NDIS Services Coordinator, John values an approach guided by love, integrity, and fairness. He has a deep passion to build and maintain meaningful relationships and develop a strong rapport with My Way participants.

John abides by the principle of respect and maintains that participants and their families need to have a sense of choice and control over the services they receive in order to achieve the best result.

Head and shoulders Image of Akoi Chol

Akoi Chol - NDIS Service Coordinator

Other Languages Spoken: Dinka

Akoi comes from a Carer role in both Aged Care and Disability services. With her previous experiences working within the Disability sector, Akoi has been able to learn about the NDIS and bring knowledge to the team about better support and advocating for our participants.

As a new Service Coordinator, Akoi is  passionate about ensuring that participants have choice and control in reaching their goals, by ensuring each participant is supported with a specialised team that can assist in achieving that goal.


Thinley - NDIS Service Coordinator

Other Languages Spoken: Nepali, Hindi and Dzongkha (Bhutan)

As a dedicated Service Coordinator specialising in providing essential support for NDIS participants, Thinley brings a wealth of expertise in education, community development, and financial management to the table. His academic background, including a Master of Educational Leadership and Management (Bhutan), has equipped him with a strong understanding of educational policies and effective leadership strategies, allowing him to effectively coordinate support services. With a Master of Community Development (WA), Thinley possesses the skills to engage with diverse communities, understand their unique needs, and develop impactful initiatives, which are crucial for tailoring support solutions for NDIS participants.

Additionally, Thinley's Master of Professional Accounting from Sydney, Australia, enhances his financial acumen, ensuring precise budgeting and resource allocation—valuable skills in his role as a Service Coordinator within the NDIS. His Certificates III and IV in Individual Support in Disability further demonstrate his hands-on experience in caregiving, reflecting his commitment to maintaining a high standard of service within the disability support realm. Thinley's bachelor's in education (Secondary Teaching) solidifies his pedagogical foundation, enabling effective communication and coordination, which are essential for collaborating with support workers, participants, and their families.

These diverse qualifications, coupled with Thinley's extensive professional experience, make him a strong candidate for the role of Service Coordinator. In this capacity, Thinley is well-positioned to enhance service delivery, streamline processes, and contribute to positive outcomes for individuals and communities within the NDIS framework.

Level 2: Support Coordination
Level 3: Specialist Support Coordination

Assist to understand your NDIS plan, and connect with NDIS providers, community, mainstream and other government services.

Assist to manage your NDIS plan, funding, and paying for your service invoices.

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