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My Way disability & aged care goal is to partner with you so you can continue enjoying your home, lifestyle, and community for as long as you like, in the way you like. My Way staff can assist with you Personal and domestic tasks, social support, in-home respite care, companionship, and transport to attend social activities or appointments

Types of aged care services we offer 

These include:

Home Care Packages – A coordinated mix of services for complex health needs. 
Home care packages are designed to help you get more out of life.

If you, or a partner, has complex health needs, you can use a home care package to assist. This can help you to keep living independently and stay part of the community.

You can use a home care package to find a personalised care worker for a range of tasks. Everything from allied health needs to help around the home and accessing your community to cleaning up around the house.

On this page you’ll learn:

  • What a home care package is
  • How My Way home care services work
  • Other types of funding that are available 

What is a home care package?

A home care package is a service subsidised by the Government for an older person approved by the ACAT aged care assessment team experiencing difficulty managing at home.

You might require temporary assistance, or a long-term solution.

It could be something big that helps you get through the day or something to just help you stay in touch with the community.

Therefore, My Way home care packages and support are tailored to suit your needs.

A range of different services can be provided, depending on the level of home care package you’re eligible for and the assistance you require.

The three main home care service categories are:

  1. Services designed to keep you happy, healthy and independent. This includes things like personal care, nursing services and allied health.
  2. Services designed to keep you safe at home. This includes things like cleaning, home maintenance and minor modifications, and assistive technology.
  3. Services designed to keep you connected to the community. This includes things like transport and social support services.

How My Way home care packages work

To receive a Government-subsidised home care package, you first need to contact My Aged Care by calling 1800 200 422 or visiting

Your needs will be assessed and if eligible, your name will be put on the national package waitlist. Once you have been assigned a package, this is when it’s time to select an approved home care provider.

You can choose to nominate My Way Disability and Aged care as your preferred provider or ring us directly so we can best understand your individual needs and assist you with your package.

My Way has basic levels of home care packages, and this is the best way to develop a package and services that suit you.

Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) – Entry-level support. Help around the home for those who only need assistance with one or a couple of tasks.

Flexible Care – Flexible care acknowledges that the needs of aged care consumers (consumers) may require a different care approach than those provided through mainstream residential and home services.

Privately Funded Home Care – Extra support for those who may not yet qualify for Government funding or who may have extra care requirements.

My Way supports strategy:

You get more out of life when you receive support from someone you connect with.

Our aged care services are all about finding the best Personal Support Worker for you.

This is more than just finding someone with a particular skill set.

We work hard to match you with someone with a similar background, personality, and values. 

Once you’ve found your perfect match, we like to keep it that way. 

This helps us create strong bonds and means you and your family have a familiar face they can turn to for support.

Why choose My Way Disability & Aged care

Personalised care matching – Get more out of life, with a deeper connection.

Flexible services – Tailor your plan to meet your needs.

Trusted, expert adviceNavigate services and requirements with our help.

Talk to us about general aged care services

Home Care: My Way Home services provide a range of services that help old people live independently within their homes. It may include getting help with shopping and cooking, receiving personal care to bath, dress, and get in and out of bed or getting modifications to improve their safety and movement around the house. Home Care includes Entry-level care under the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) with the aim to help those who need a low level of support to keep living independently, as well as Home Care Package (HCP) for those with greater or more complex care needs who need many cares and support services on an ongoing basis.

Residential Aged Care: Residential services provide a range of care, accommodation and services for older people who are unable to continue living independently in their own homes. It is also called “Nursing Home” or “Aged Care Home”.

Flexible Care: Flexible care acknowledges that the needs of aged care consumers (consumers) may require a different care approach than those provided through mainstream residential and home services. It includes:

  • Short Term Restorative Care Programme (STRC): This program provides a range of care and services for up to 8 weeks to help prevent or reduce difficulties older people are having with completing everyday tasks. STRC services may be delivered in a home care setting, a residential care setting, or a combination of both.
  • Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) Program: The Multi-Purpose Services Program combines funding for aged care services from the Australian Government with state and territory health services. This joint initiative means small regional and remote communities can offer flexible aged care services that meet the needs of their community.
  • Transition Care Program: This program helps older people get back on their feet after a hospital stay. It provides short-term care for up to 12 weeks, including social work, nursing support, personal care and allied health care. State and territory governments are the approved providers of transition care.
  • National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Flexible Aged Care Program: it is for the providers to provide culturally appropriate aged care for older Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people close to home and community. It is designed to deliver a flexible mix of residential, day-care, respite care, and community-based aged care.
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