1. Accommodation supports

  1. Accommodation supports

  • My Way friendly support workers can provide you supports in your home environment, where you feel safe, secure and comfortable
  • The support workers can assist you to look after your home utilities, for examples you can be assisted to go to the nearest Australian Post office and pay utility bills.
  • We can assist you in cleaning you home, do laundry, organise your personal belongings or keep neat after your little garden or lawn
  • We can assist you by having sleepover at your home, and help you with supports you need during late evening, overnight and early morning.
  • You might need us to help planning and cooking your meals.
  • It does not matter if the support you need is at home, or in the community. My Way team will sit down with you, work out exactly the type of support you need and provide a support worker that is been matched with your lifestyles or cultural preferences
  • At home, we can cook, clean, or support you in any way you need. The best thing about this type of support is it can be exactly what you need it to be.
  • Your in-home support is not limited to your home, it might mean going away on holiday. Some of the most rewarding support we can provide is being part of your experiences. To be able to share things with you whilst giving you the support you need is such a special gift.
  1. Daily living supports


  1. Daily living supports

  • MY Way team can assist you with daily life tasks to enable you become as independent as possible
  • Having independent life creates a sense of control, self-determination and freedom. It starts in your home and can be supported in your own ways.
  • My Way support team work with you to create tools and strategies so you can grow and develop your independence in your own way.
  • My Way support team can assist you with daily personal activities in your own styles, identity, culture and interests in the community of your choice.
  • My Way support team can assist you with travel or transport arrangements to your appointments or activities in places of your interests without restrictions. We can also coach and show you how to use public transport buses or trains, so that you become independent like everyone else.
  • Creating skills for a healthy lifestyle – planning the food you eat, going to the supermarket, cooking and cleaning, and developing good hygiene habits.
  • My Way support team can also work with you to create healthy routines around activities like swimming, going to the gym or doing regular exercise,
  • Guess what? My Way Community Alliance is a member of Reclink Australia!


  1. Meaningful Community access and participation

kids swimming

  • My Way support team will assist to engage and contribute in valued roles through realistic participation in community activities and events, vocational trainings and educational activities, or finding an employment or voluntary works.
  • My Way support team will assist you in finding and sustaining employment in partnership with Disability Enterprise Supports (DES), or in an open employment through job employment agencies.
  • My Way Support team will assist to access and participate in community, social, recreational and civic activities of your choice in places of your interests.
  • My Way support team will assist you to plan your camping trip in a group or individually, or a short holiday inter-state, or overseas as per your identified goals.
  • Getting out and about builds your independence and confidence and can start to strengthen your ties to the community. We can be there to help with creating relationships, friendships and groups. Foster and develop skills in presenting yourself in communal situations, eat out with friends and join local groups or drop by community centres.
  1. Having a break – respite

    • My Way support team value, strengthen and maintained Family or Carer relationship s.
    • Everyone deserves to be independent and in control of their own life. Everyone deserves to feel that they belong, to be part of something; a community, a health club, friends, or a team. Whatever your goals, we can help you get there. We will work with your NDIS support coordinator and arrange support workers to assist you to and from your respite support that help you achieve exactly what you want to do:
      • Group residential respite
      • Day respite support – as 1:1 respite support
      • In home – respite support
      • Out of home – respite support
      • Host family respite supports
    • Planning, booking and going on holidays is such a thrill. My Way team can help you get all this going; we can even organize people to go with you. We love being a part of your journey down the road to independence. Speak to us to find out how far you can go
  1. NDIS support coordination and Specialist support coordination

  • My Way support coordinator will work closely with you to establish the type of supports you will need in your NDIS support plan, and link you with other Service Providers which can assist in delivering some of your funded goals.
  • My Way specialized support coordinators will assist you in capacity building at times of intense change and significant transition, and facilitate goal directed and well-coordinated short-term planning and coordination, which is mainly to assist you in stabilising your support needs and minimise risks and safety concerns
  1. Person-centred Planning and roles based planning

  • My Way support team work with individuals, families and support coordinators to establish an individual support plan to achieve the goals that are important to you based on your needs, strengths, abilities, dreams and aspirations.
  1. Positive Behaviour Support planning

  • With My Way highly trained and experienced practitioners, our behaviour support team will develop a safety support plan in conjunction with you and your family to support any challenging behaviours.
  1. Plan Management

financial advisor

  • My Way Community Alliance will develop service agreements, pay invoices and deal with all the other financial elements of your NDIS support package.

Contact our Disability Support Service Team

My Way Community Alliance has a number of disability support services available in Perth. Contact our disability support services team today to make your life easier and more rewarding. Contact My Way Community Alliance on our Mobile at 0413 780 792, or by Email at admin@myway.org.au. If you need support coordinator or support worker, we have support coordinators who speak the following languages:

  • English
  • Arabic
  • Farsi
  • Hazaragi
  • Vietnamese
  • Mandarin and Cantonese
  • Karen/Burmese
  • African languages – Somalia, Dinka, Sudanese, etc.

We also offer a number of other support services available. Check out our range of disability and NDIS Support services available in Perth.